New flag needed at supermarket


To The Editor:
When Hurricane Irene paid the area a visit last year, it devastated not only buildings and property, but also people’s lives. The Village of Margaretville was one of the areas that was hardest hit.
One of the major losses was Freshtown Marketplace. Recently bought from A&P, this market was completely renovated and made inviting. Locals, as well as weekenders, were able to do their marketing in this new “fresh” store. Unfortunately, Irene made that impossible. It took almost a year but Freshtown did reopen and the entire Village of Margaretville seemed to come alive.

One of the things that survived Hurricane Irene was the big wooden bear in front of Freshtown. It seems almost impossible that this statue could survive Mother Nature’s wrath with everything around it getting destroyed, but it did. To me, this bear surviving seemed to be a symbol of hope. What made it even more hopeful was that someone inserted an American flag into the bear’s arms. This town has suffered floods before and has always bounced back! To me, the American flag in the one unharmed thing after the storm said, “Look at us, we are Americans and we know how to bounce back, and we will.”

Unfortunately, the flag is now tattered and torn and needs to be replaced. I don’t know who it was that put the flag there originally, but in my opinion, an American flag should always be flying the bear’s arms. It’s a small thing but we need this flag replaced. I would be happy to pay for a new flag if, in fact, Mr. Katz will approve that it be put in the bear’s arms once again.
Let’s keep our symbol of America ever present in the Village of Margaretville.

Darlene DeMaille,