Multi-artist show opens Oct. 10 at Erpf

Arkville — Since Henry Hudson’s historic voyage 400 years ago, the majestic Catskill Mountain Region has become emblematic of America’s artistic heritage and environmental ethic.
In honoring this cultural tradition, The Catskill Center has brought together nationally recognized and regionally treasured artists and writers – all of whom share a deep connection to the Catskill Mountain Region – in the inaugural issue of the Catskills Almanac.
In conjunction with the release of the Almanac, The Catskill Center Erpf Gallery kicks off its final show of the year - “Thirteen Artists from the Catskills Almanac” with an opening on Saturday Oct. 10, 5-7 p.m. in Arkville.
The Erpf Gallery will be exhibiting paintings, collages, water colors, photographs, monotypes and blue stone sculptures by artists featured in the inaugural issue of the Catskills Almanac, a new cultural anthology published by The Catskill Center, including Judy Abbott, Mariella Bisson, Celia Clark, Stu Eichel, Dan Flanagan, Calvin Grimm, Ken Hiratsuka, Emily Noelle Lambert, Virginia Luppino, Kate McGloughlin, Alberto Rey, and Carla Shapiro.
Judy Abbott - has an infinity for the Hudson River School painters combined with a belief in the unity of the creator and nature; Mariella Bisson - subject matter is the ever-changing play of light and shapes as water falls across rocks; Celia Clark – presents watercolor portraitures celebrating local individuals and her work is featured in four Best of Watercolor by Rockport Publishers; Stu Eichel – oil paintings depict the idiosyncratic architecture of our local towns; Dan Flanagan – produces expressive oils of bovines and alpacas; Calvin Grimm – bases his art on reflections of the fourteen-thousand-year-old caves at Lascaux, France; Ken Hiratsuka – carves his infinitive lines on blue stone boulders; Emily Noelle Lambert – her whimsical drawings introduce us to intimate scenes of rocks, people and trees; Virginia Luppino – is a master of digital printing and approaches black and white photography showing garlic with the immensity of the smallness; Kate McGloughlin – monotypes and collages celebrates our barn heritage; Alberto Rey – embraces the concept of biological regionalism with his brown and brook trout of the Catskill Mountains; Carla Shapiro – photographer and teacher, presents black and white photos of child and grandmother which comment on the human condition, fragile and yet enduring.
The show runs until December 19. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturdays from noon-4 p.m.