MTC strikes Kelly Corners land deal with the County

By Cheryl Petersen
A mutually beneficial deal was struck between Delaware County Public Works and Margaretville Telephone Company (MTC) at the county board of supervisor’s meeting last Wednesday.
“MTC needed to expand their service and backup,” said Glen Faulkner, general manager of MTC. “Kelly Corners is a central location to add electrical equipment and a generator.”
MTC approached Wayne Reynolds, county public works commissioner, and asked if there was a place to install a generator and build a 12-foot by 12-foot building on county property at Kelly Corners.
“The property is about five acres and behind the building is an accessible yet unused space ideal for their pending secure building and generator,” said Reynolds. “In exchange for the space, MTC agreed to install a large enough generator to backup not only MTC clients, but also the county facility and emergency equipment.”
Board Chairman Jim Eisel led the supervisors meeting with 16 of the 19 Delaware County Supervisors present. The officials voted to hire a program specialist for in the Social Services Department, acquire new software for the Board of Elections, and maintain the county agency homes more efficiently.
Before attending to resolutions, Masonville Supervisor Mike Spaccaforno, and John Boecke, director of veterans services, were given the floor to speak on behalf of the Delaware County American Legion. “The Veterans Services will put before the board a resolution supporting Kinderhook, NY, Congressman Chris Gibson’s bill, H.R. 543, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2013,” said John Boecke.
Letters will be drawn up to be sent to the Secretary of Navy and to the Department of Navy. “The veterans are receiving horrible, pathetic service,” said Spaccaforno. “The county can resolve to support this bill that grants probable Agent Orange exposure status to U.S. service members who served in the territorial seas of Vietnam during the Vietnam War.”
A resolution to hire a temporary program specialist for the Department of Social Services was approved. Social Services Commissioner, Bill Moon, said, “The number of walk-ins, asking for assistance, has doubled to 700 per month. The new employee will help process applications from March until the end of the year.”
Besides walk-ins, Delaware County also provides assistance to 9,135 Medicaid recipients, 2,500 Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) recipients, hundreds of children receiving public assistance, and 6,162 people receiving aid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
Other business included establishing funds for maintenance of the nine agency homes. “The county owns eight of the agency homes and leases the other home for foster children and other needs,” said Moon. The fund will hold $20,000 for immediate needs, “such as the washing machine that quit working last week in a Bloomville home with four children,” said Moon.
As for the new Delaware County recycling facility, a horizontal baler will be purchased at a cost of $178,320.46.
The Department of Public Works was given the go-ahead to put out bids for asphalt, gravel, piping, concrete, and welding gas, among other materials used over the upcoming year.
Funds were approved, in the amount of $5,029.49, to purchase software for voting machines utilized by the Board of Elections.
The Delaware County Youth Bureau was approved to enter into contract with Office of Children and Family Service to provide programming for youth that the court system sends to the Youth Leadership Academy in South Kortright.
“Enhancement programs include lessons in mechanics, counseling in fitness, classes for cooking, literature, swimming, basket weaving, poetry, and graphic arts,” said Hamden Supervisor, Wayne Marshfield.