MTC to relocate to Main Street

The Margaretville Telephone Company (MTC) will be gaining much-needed space when its customer service operation relocates to Main Street.

The company recently purchased a building at 579 Main Street previously occupied by RETTEW Engineering. The property adjoins MTC’s longtime Swart Street location and will provide numerous benefits for the company.

General Manager Glen Faulkner said plans for the new building are still being developed, but he hopes that MTC’s customer service personnel will be working from the Main Street office by year’s end.

Four members of the office staff will work out of the new facility, he explained. The new Main Street location should boost customer convenience, Mr. Faulkner noted.

The additional space created at the Swart Street building will be utilized by technical department personnel and for the continually increasing network equipment needs. An added benefit of the move, he said, will be less congestion on Swart Street, which is primarily a residential area.

Mr. Faulkner said that MTC’s management and board of directors entered into serious discussions about office space following last August’s devastating flood. The customer service office on Swart Street sustained considerable water damage, but the adjacent operations and equipment building was not damaged.

Space shortage
“We’ve been hampered with space issues for a few years as we try to accommodate office, parking and equipment needs,” Mr. Faulkner pointed out. “We had to make a pivotal decision. With the availability of the RETTEW building, it seemed like an opportune time.”

He said the new space will feature an expanded customer lobby area, state-of-the-art customer service workstations, and the availability of future office space on the second floor.

“We want to make our customer service area more inviting,” he noted.
Because the new property borders the current MTC location, the company will benefit from the convenience of keeping all of its operations in one central area.

Mr. Faulkner indicated the Central Office Building, which houses critical telephone, Internet and cable TV equipment, escaped devastating flood damage by mere inches during the flood. Because a catastrophic equipment failure was narrowly averted, the renovation project will include flood prevention modifications to provide additional safeguards.

“We felt very strongly the desire to remain in the Village of Margaretville as long as we were confident that we could sustain network operations during a repeat of the Irene flooding,” he stated.

The Margaretville Telephone Company was formed in 1916, with its offices set up in a Swart Street residence. The Central Office Building was built in 1961. A second building for administrative offices and a garage facility were constructed behind the main office in 1974.

Serious flooding in 1996 resulted in a renovation project that converted the garage into new office spaces, necessary to accommodate the company’s growing involvement as a provider of cable TV and Internet services. The garage was then relocated to the MTC warehouse facility on Margaretville Mountain Road.

The new purchase is just the latest in a series of moves made by MTC to keep pace with an ever-changing business environment. The company currently has 19 employees.

“We are eager to become a part of the Main Street business community and we look forward to working alongside neighboring businesses to promote Margaretville’s Main Street,” Mr. Faulkner stated.