Move it somewhere else


To The Editor:
As a lifelong Bovina resident, I find it appalling that people such as Brigid McGinn and Jill Powell, who own and operate Camp Move It, are representing our community in such a poor fashion.
I have read and have been told about McGinn and Powell’s passion for their camp, however, passion does not make up for what appears to be at best, incompetence or at worst, possible fraudulent practices. From bounced checks, to untold unpaid vendors, to unscrupulous employment practices – it is apparent these two ladies are in over their heads.

One could argue for and give benefit of the doubt to people who put themselves out there, start a small business, but make some mistakes along the way. Statistically, it has been shown that starting a business is a very difficult task and usually these businesses will fail (regardless of how hard they work or the great idea they may have.) But common sense dictates that as a nascent small business, with owners who are new to the community, one should not come into a town and alienate themselves the way these two have done.

I applaud the Catskill Mountain News for bringing to light what many of us in the community had already known. It is unfortunate that McGinn and Powell chose to attack both the reporter and the newspaper as well as the brave teenagers and other unfortunate parties involved, who had the temerity to stand up for themselves even against threat of lawsuits and other reprisals.

It seems unfathomable that McGinn and Powell would try to defend and absolve themselves from their alleged poor behavior which was exposed on the front page of the August 7 Catskill Mountain News edition. All the while on a subsequent page of the same edition, McGinn was reportedly arrested for bouncing a check to a local vendor! Who is to blame for the bounced check? Generation Y? The bank? Their bookkeeper? Or maybe the poor schlemiel to whom they bounced the check?

Unfortunately, the local people of this community appear to have been taken advantage of. This is sad because incidents like these will only harden trusting, honest and hardworking vendors/people and teach them to be more cynical to outsiders. If McGinn and Powell continue to operate Camp Move It, they will soon find this area is not like New York City, with its boundless supply of vendors and marks upon whom they can prey. Delaware County is very tight knit and there are only so many vendors and employees who you can fool before the word is out. Apparently it is now.
Perhaps it is time for McGinn and Powell to spare us of their self-righteous stand about the spoiled younger generation, acknowledge their misdeeds and bully tactics and take their camp and “move it” somewhere else?

John Finn,