Mountainside had zero deficiencies in survey by state Health Department

Mountainside Residential Care Center in Margaretville was pronounced deficiency-free in an unannounced survey conducted by the state Department of Health between January 26 and 29. A survey that renders findings of zero deficiencies is extremely rare, explained Mountainside Administrator Philip Mehl. He said New York State nursing homes are cited for an average of 6 and 9 violations during these Department of Health (DOH) reviews.
Mr. Mehl explained that all nursing homes in New York State are surveyed every 6-15 months by the DOH. During the four-day review at Mountainside, five DOH personnel reviewed every aspect of the nursing home’s operation - including care audits, chart audits, safety procedures and interviews with staff and residents’ family members.
“It’s really very thorough,” the administrator pointed out.
He noted that Mountainside also scored very well during last year’s DOH survey, with only two deficiencies cited. Neither of those deficiencies were care-related, he added.
The DOH does not provide any notice of when the surveys will take place.
Mr. Mehl said the outstanding survey results are the result of extraordinary teamwork by the Mountainside staff.
“To borrow a line, ‘It takes a village.’ In order to achieve this type of survey result, every single employee and department had to hold their end up — and they did,” commented Mr. Mehl.
“It is extremely uncommon to come through with a deficiency-free survey,” he added.
“I could not be more proud of working at Mountainside.”
CEO Ed Morache said, “This is an indication of the fine care that Philip Mehl and the staff at Mountainside provide to our residents on a daily basis. Their work reflects well on our entire organization.”
Mountainside Residential Care Center is an 82-bed long-term care facility located on the campus of Margaretville Hospital. Both are members of HealthAlliance.