More Family Reunion Aug. 4 at Roxbury’s Gould Church

Roxbury’s Gould Church will host services for the More Family reunion on Sunday, Aug. 8 at 10:30 a.m. This “Service of Praise and Kirkin’ of the Tartan” is a special service led by members of the John More Association as they provide preacher, choir, organist, bagpipes, family banners and the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. The service is open to all.

The reunion is held every five years as members of the John More Association (descendants of John and Betty More) get together for a family reunion near Roxbury. Due to the size of the group, they meet at the Delhi College for lodging, meals and activities. They return to Roxbury on Saturday and Sunday to visit the town their family helped settle in the 1700s. Saturday morning will find them marching up Main Street from the church to hold a service at the More monument in the cemetery and to visit family graves.

John and Betty More immigrated from Scotland and settled in Moresville (Grand Gorge) where they ran an inn. They chose to worship in the Reformed Church because it was closest to their Presbyterian roots. Deeply religious John More held Sunday services of Bible reading and prayer prior to a church being organized in the community. The Gould Church is considered their home church because Roxbury’s first worship services were held in a barn on the Jonas More farm (north of the village), and another one of John More’s sons and wife were charter members when the Reformed church was organized in 1802 as “The Church of Beaverdam,” later called the “First Reformed Church” of Roxbury and finally, “The Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church.”

Jay Gould was a grandson of John More. He paid for the More family monument in the cemetery which was dedicated at the first John More Association gathering in 1890.

The John More Association has been meeting like this since 1890 and they were recognized a few years ago for their work in keeping family records and keeping their family ties going through these quintennial reunions.

Please note the change in time for the 10:30 a.m. worship on August 8.