Middletown was on the record


To The Editor:
I would like to thank News’ Editor Dick Sanford for expressing his view on the DEP’s attempt to circumvent several vital aspects of the MOA. Particularly, given that no one representing the Town of Middletown or the villages of Fleischmanns and Margaretville sits on the CWC Board, the board that helped NYC create the rules for these proposed buy-outs, we are right to be cautious in the extreme regarding its purpose.
Additionally, while the rules for the buy-out have been determined at near warp-speed, without input from those municipalities most affected, a relocation program to assist in keeping our communities whole has yet to be discussed with any depth or detail.
The Middletown Town Board did respond to the proposed buy-out program and its rules on behalf of the town and the Village of Fleischmanns, which letter to the various entities involved I have attached and hope you will include here.
Marjorie A. Miller,
Supervisor, Town of Middletown

Editor’s note: Supervisor Miller’s letter follows:
April 14, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
On behalf of the Town of Middletown and the Village of Fleischmanns, we offer the following comments regarding the New York City DEP Flood Buyout Program:
This appears to us to be another land acquisition program without reference to local support for sustainable, vibrant communities.
Given the continuing fiscal challenge, post Irene, in the Village of Fleischmanns, it is unlikely that the village would agree by resolution or any other means to participate in a DEP buy-our program.
Engineering and science are powerful tools indeed, but unless and until you can show us positive and conclusive data regarding our municipalities based on studies of short- and long-term economic impacts, it is unlikely we would volunteer to place our communities at risk by agreeing to participate in this program on their behalf.
If anyone is interested in water quality only, this ‘voluntary’ program sounds terrific. We, however, are left cold by the program and its purpose.

Yours truly, Marjorie A. Miller