Middletown building report reflects economic slowdown

By Julia Green
The Building and Zoning Department of the Town of Middletown recently published its annual report, which stated that there were fewer building permits issued in nearly all categories. A total of 146 building permits were issued in the Town of Middletown in 2008, a noticeable decrease from the 164 issued in 2007.
The breakdown of the types of building permits issued is as follows: nine new homes; two trailers; three doublewides; three modulars; 19 garages and outhouses; 109 alterations, additions and repairs; and one commercial. Of the 146 permits issued, 10 were created as a result of Stop Work permits being placed on them due to work begun prior to obtaining the permit.
Total values in 2008 were reported to be $4,260,104, excluding Margaretville and Fleischmanns.
The financial intake for the department in 2008 was also down to $36,522 from last year’s total of $42,493. The building department collected $30,765 from the Town of Middletown, $3,512 came from the Village of Margaretville, and $2,245 from the Village of Fleischmanns. Zoning intake was $2,220 in the Town of Middletown, $375 in the Village of Margaretville, and $0 in the Village of Fleischmanns.
A total of three subdivisions were done during the year, out of which six lots were created. Thirteen boundary lines were applied for that had a total of 11 lots put back together, which will eliminate six tax map parcels in the town.
Five applications were received for variances to the zoning ordinance, all of which were approved, and eight applications for sign permits were submitted, all of which were also approved. Also approved were two special use permits and three applications for site plan review. Two special use permits are still pending.
The Building and Zoning Department also handled 22 zoning violations in 2008; 13 have been successfully resolved and nine are pending.