MCS students enjoyed England, Ireland and Wales

By Brian Sweeney
Ireland, Wales and England were the destinations for a group of Margaretville Central School students on a recently completed nine-day excursion.
“We really had a spectacular time,” commented MCS history teacher Brigitte Nagle, organizer of the trip.

The trip was not sanctioned through the school, but was independently organized by Mrs. Nagle and offered to students. The travelers were responsible for their own trip expenses.
Students participating in the July 6-14 excursion were: Annette Hogan Auchmoody, Marshall Bouton, Crystal Colon, Ben Fairbairn, Rhiannon Kearns and Julian Rauter.

Mrs. Nagle said the group was based for several days in the town of Killarney, Ireland and spent considerable time sightseeing. Among their adventures was traveling along the famed Ring of Kerry, a tourist trail that features numerous historic points of interest.

The group took a ferry to Wales and enjoyed a lengthy visit to a Medieval castle where the visitors were allowed to fully explore the structure at their own pace.
“That was one of our most fun days,” she recalled.

The trip also included a drive through England with a stop in London where they visited a number of points of interest and dined on some traditional fish and chips.

“We actually visited a lot of great historical sites. As a teacher of American history and world history, it was incredible to have the kids visit some of the places that they study in the classroom,” Mrs. Nagle pointed out.

Bonding experience
She noted that, in addition to the enriching experience of traveling more than 3,000 away from home, the trip was also a way for the students to bond.

“Those six kids were close before the trip and they grew even closer,” she observed.
Mrs. Nagle was a chaperone for a trip with the Margaretville Student Travel Club that visited China last summer. The club took a trip to Spain this month, but Mrs. Nagle said she organized her trip to provide additional opportunities for students.

The other club is planning a trip to Costa Rica next year that will have a focus on “adventure.” Mrs. Nagle is currently working with EF Tours (which has arranged all of the excursions) to set up a trip “that’s same price-point, but something radically different” than what the Costa Rica travelers will experience.

“We just want to give kids a choice of what kind of place they’d like to visit,” she explained.
Mrs. Nagle said she’s considering five choices for next year’s trip and will likely make a decision on the destination within a week. Once information is available, students will be notified about trip details to determine interest.

She said that students have the option of paying for their trip in installments throughout the year. Mrs. Nagle said several students told her they are already anxious to travel again next season and are dedicating the rest of their summer to jobs to help defray their expenses.

As a wrap up to this year’s venture, Mrs. Nagle said the group is planning a get-together where they exchange photos and recollections of their trip.