MCS Peer Mediation group takes on "bullies"

Margaretville Central School elementary school students are taking steps to end “bullying” incidents.
A group of students in the Peer Mediation group has addressed bullying incidents in the third, fifth and sixth grades with the help of a prepared video.
Under the guidance of longtime MCS teacher Bill Fiedler, the Peer Mediators have created a video that depicts scenes where bullying is the most likely place to occur (classroom, hallway, cafeteria and gym). After viewing the video, the students were provided with opportunities to ask questions and receive replies regarding the simulated activities of people being bullied.
Members of the Peer Mediation group are: Danny Goodell, Erin Filupeit, Kristi Gavette, Alexis Molnar and Sarah Fairbairn.
Mr. Fiedler said that students are left with three rules to follow in combating a bully:
• telling the bully to stop;
• tell a teacher or person in charge about the incident;
• extend a hand of friendship to people being bullied.
“The purpose of this program is to get the message out that bullying at MCS is not going to be tolerated,” Mr. Fiedler explained.