McIntoshes play in Andes


Ira & Laurie McIntosh will regale folks of all ages with their popular “Catskill Tales & Tunes” program at the Pleasant Valley Meeting Hall in Andes. Sponsored by the Andes Society for History & Culture, the concert will take place on Saturday, Aug. 30 at 7 p.m.
In this lively program, Ira and Laurie share the rich culture of the Catskill region through traditional stories and songs, legends, anecdotes and Catskill Mountain lore, covering topics such as bluestone quarrying; the railroad industry; the building of the NYC reservoirs and everyday life in the old days and the present. Yet this program is much more than an informative historical overview of Catskill life and events during the last 150 or so years. In the hands of these two skilled performers, local history and traditions come alive in a memorable show that’ll keep your toes tapping.
Ira and Laurie’s just-released CD “Catskill Mountain Songfest” will be on sale at the show.
For more information about the concert or for directions to the venue, please call 845 676-4727 or 845 676-3200.