Mayor is most important asset


To The Editor:
If a book, Profiles in Courage were to be written about Margaretville, no doubt Mayor Bill Stanton would occupy many chapters.

Regarding the “Aqua Berm” controversy, there simply would be no controversy if the berm was aimed towards the river.

Constructing a 20’ X 8’ berm aimed towards the village could have dealt Main Street businesses and homes a fatal blow.

If a berm aimed towards the river worked, the Katz brothers would be heroes. Instead, we see our mayor “hung out to dry.” Mayor Bill stood up, took all the blame for the decisions of the Katz brothers, knowing that if Freshtown was flooded again and leaves, we all know that Margaretville would be a very bleak place, as it was last year.

I’ve seen Mayor Bill work tirelessly for the village to secure funding for the Binnekill bulkhead and berm projects in the face of criticism, scorn, and lawsuits from Mr. Lauren Davis as evidenced by Davis’ letter in last week’s paper.

Mayor Bill, like him or not, always gets the job done with no personal interest other than to serve the good people of the village. His reward is very little, having possibly caused health issues as this man takes the village’s problems “to heart.”

As a village board member, I say that after the devastation of Irene, Mayor Bill is Margaretville’s most important asset.

Please, if you agree with all I’ve said, encourage our “Mayor Bill” to run for another term.

Dave Budin, Trustee
Village of