May 7, 2008: Buy locally to stimulate businesses


To The Editor:
The federal government has announced that tax rebates are now being distributed. As families across New York prepare to receive their economic stimulus checks, the Delaware County Democratic Committee urges members of our community to do their shopping with locally owned businesses.
“The Delaware County Democratic Committee is committed to supporting, promoting and expanding our local businesses,” says Committee Chair Cynthia Lockrow.
If you have never considered what you can buy locally, the best way to contribute is to buy where the product is also local. Instead of commercial soap, buy local soap, made from goat’s milk, at a general store. Locally produced honey, eggs and maple syrup are plentiful. If you need lumber for a spring renovation project, think about going to your local sawmill.
Do you need new counter tops for the kitchen? Why not use local bluestone? Are you looking for perennials for the garden? Buy plants that have been acclimated in our climate, rather than in the south or even in Canada, from a local garden center, where the owner is knowledgeable about our weather.
If none of those items are on your list, you can still help. Buy a few extra birthday cards to last through the year at a “Main Street” shop and not a big box store. Purchase paint, stain or waterproofing for deck furniture at the nearest hardware store, even if it is a little more expensive.
In short, remember that these are our economic stimulus checks. Let’s use them to stimulate our local businesses!

Dawn Rivers Baker,
Delaware County Democratic Committee,