May 6, 2009: Craving the sound of silence


To The Editor:
Thank you Brian Sweeney for your column “Turn it up. Louder.” I’m tired of the news program loud-mouths, and loud cars, loud trucks and, especially, loud motorcycles. Related to this loudness is the music we are all but forced to listen to everyplace we go. Here we are subjected to it in Freshtown, our new supermarket, and CVS and several other shops.
Many of the loud-mouth so-called singers sound as if they are being subjected to “enhanced interrogation” and are in terrible pain. We are subjected to this in restaurants, banks, shopping malls, department stores; even in hospitals, doctors’ offices and just about anyplace. Why is it believed by whoever that we need to be entertained everyplace we are? Whatever happened to “the sound of silence?”
I fight this forced “entertainment” by wearing earplugs which, by the way, are available in CVS.

David Ivins,