May 20, 2009: Auxiliary should be commended


To The Editor:
On May 13 I had the good fortune to have been invited by John Riedl and the Margaretville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Wellness Committee to view a live assembly attended by Roxbury, Margaretville, and Andes K-6 grades.
The program was presented by Food Play an Emmy award winning theatre group, from Massachusetts, promoting healthier eating choices, reading nutrition labels, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
The students were very receptive, enthusiastic, and truly enjoyed the program. Information was sent home with all the children for their parents to see. The program was very well done, entertaining, and very informative.
Other Wellness programs took place last week including a Senior Wellness discussion, MCS Health Fair, a Wellness run, and a Wellness Cycling event. The week ended with a celebration at The Open Eye Theatre in appreciation of Margaretville Hospital and all the volunteers who work so hard for our area, including the volunteers at MMH Auxiliary Thrift Shop for their many hours of work.
My thanks to all who coordinated Wellness Week! I’m looking forward to more.

Judy Shiner,
Big Indian