May 13, 2009: Obama's record needs examination


To The Editor:
I am not sure if the various news media have given much coverage to the following accomplishments of President Obama since his inauguration.
On January 6 he nominated Thomas Perelli, who led the legal battle to kill Terri Sehiavo, to a top Justice Department post. On January 23, he overturned the Mexico City policy, clearing the way for our tax dollars to be used to support overseas abortion providers. On February 18, he appointed Ellen Moran, the former head of the abortion lobbying organization EMILY’s list, as White House Communications Director. On February 28, he began the process to overturn conscience protections, which would require health-care workers to perform abortions even if they are morally opposed to them. On March 9, he cleared the way for using federal tax dollars to support human life destroying embryonic stem cell research. On March 12 Tina Tchen, former vice-president of the National Organization for Women, was appointed to head the White House Council on Women and Girls.
On March 16, he ordered the State Department to release $50 million of our tax dollars to the UN program that supports China’s coercive abortion and population control policy.
President Obama has said that there won’t be enough money to begin a $634 billion down payment for socialized health care, so we need to raise taxes on charitable contributions in order to meet this “health-care” need.
To let President Obama and the White House know you’re thinking about these decisions and proposed decision, all you have to do is call 1-202-456-1414. Also the phone numbers for our senators are 607 772-8109 for Senator Schumer and 202 224-4451 for Senator Gillibrand.

David R. Scudder,