MARK Project fundraiser lifts spirits and raises funds

Margaretville — The tethered hot air balloon was “roaring” and the Mo-Mo Trio was entertaining the crowd at the MARK Project Benefit Auction at Hanah Mountain Resort this past Sunday.

More than 100 guests and more than $5,000 later, mission accomplished, as the community of giving had once again delivered, had fun (and sushi) and kept the MARK Project’s essential community programs alive. And hot air balloon rides were part of the fun, despite all the bad weather prognosticators.

Famous support
Four fabulous treats were on auction and Susan Dey (lately of “LA Law” and “The Partridge Family”) and Margaretville attorney Dennis Metnick worked the crowd like the charity-avaricious auctioneers they are. As Dennis warned early on, “No one gets out of here, until we get the amount of money we want. Lock the doors.”

They garnered $600 for a dinner for four in Public Restaurant, $1,000 for a balloon ride, $1,250 for a gorgeous John Sanders sculpture, and $2,000 for a weekend at the Roxbury Motel’s wonderfully adventure-Speilberg themed “Archeologist’s Digs” suite, soon to open in November.

Stuart and Anne Lee Fuller were the winning bidders for the dinner and drinks at Public: make them your new best friends. Gail Lennstrom held out and got herself a John Sanders sculpture (valued at $3,000) for less than half that.

Catskill Mountain News support
And speaking of best friends, Catskill Mountain News Editor Dick Sanford wanted to bid on the hot air balloon ride, but, it was for four people, so he was looking for a fellow bidder. Susan Dey stepped right up, donated a $160 bottle of French Grand Cuvee, and the deal was … almost sealed … until —

Well, the bidding for the Digs, that new, cool Roxbury Motel suite. Eric Wedemeyer, this fellow who’s expected to come up with the winning bid for everything, all the time, stopped at $1,600 for the Digs.

Then Susan Dey mentioned, off hand, that she needed a stalker — uh, a date — for the hot air balloon ride with Dick and Laurie. So, c’est la vie, Eric, Susan, Dick and Laurie are going up up and away, “The Digs” went for a cool $2,000, and MARK is the richer for it. Got it?