Margaretville Treatment Plant upgrades will lead to three sewer district extensions

By Brian Sweeney
Three sewer extensions will soon be implemented as a result of a $7.4 million project to upgrade the Margaretville Wastewater Treatment Plant.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) officials said with the added plant capacity, they will undertake previously planned extensions of the sewer collection systems.
The district extensions are in three areas: Harold Finch Road (Glen Acres Road), Arkville and Academy Street and Bull Run Road in Margaretville. The total number of connections is approximately 50 parcels. Residents in these areas currently utilize individual septic systems. These individual systems are considered at risk of contaminating source waters for the city’s reservoir system that supplies New York City’s drinking water.

DEP Deputy Press Secretary Angel Román told the News that design work is already underway and the timing of construction of the sewer extensions is dependent upon completion of design work by DEP as well as several items to be completed by the local municipalities.
He said that construction is anticipated to commence in early 2014.  Substantial completion of the construction is anticipated in mid-2015. 

“DEP will be paying the cost for the design and construction of the collection system, including laterals to the eligible residences. Each property owner will pay for the cost of connection from the building to the collection system,” Mr. Román explained.

The work at the Margaretville plant expands the city’s state-of-the-art microfiltration system and has increased peak flow treatment capacity by approximately 40 percent, from 860,000 to 1.2 million gallons per day. The recently completed wastewater plant upgrade was started in 2009.
The plant upgrade was required by the state Department of Environmental Conservation to address inflow and infiltration issues caused during local storm events and snow melts.

The DEP also made safety improvements at the Margaretville Wastewater Treatment Plant last February and included installation of propane shut-off systems and fire and gas detection alarm systems, which help better protect workers at the plant and assist local fire and rescue responders.
The Margaretville Wastewater Treatment Plant serves about 1,300 residents and businesses in Margaretville in Arkville. The plant was built by the DEP in the 1950s and a city-funded $30 million upgrade was undertaken in 1998.