Margaretville Car Wash, closed since last summer, finally set to get cleaning again

By Joe Moskowitz
If you can find a clean car in the Margaretville area, chances are it recently returned from out of the area or it was rained on last weekend.
Local car owners don’t suffer from a lack of pride of ownership, they suffer from not having a place to wash their cars, But hopefully, the Margaretville Car Wash will reopen soon. 
After closing last summer, Margaretville Car Wash owner Frank Busciglio was hoping to have it back up and running in October, but the problems he ran into were far worse than he expected, and he had expected quite a few.
Late last summer Busciglio decided a change in management of the car wash was needed. The equipment was in bad shape. Almost nothing worked right.

Many problems
It turned out that not only was the equipment not working well, much of it wasn’t working at all. Among the problems; there was no hot water, which is important for washing cars, and no heat, which was going to be a problem in the winter. The automatic car wash, the only one between Kingston and Oneonta, needed major repairs. Essentially, everything at the car wash needed to be replaced or repaired.
Busciglio said they were trying to do that when the person in charge of replacing or repairing all of the equipment needed to be repaired or replaced himself. The lead contractor injured his back. They either had to wait until he got better, or get a new contractor. The company they hired to repair most of the equipment sent a replacement, but it is a specialized business and the company has other clients and they had to wait until repair people were available.
Despite all of the problems, the Margaretville Car wash was almost ready when the big snowstorm hit forcing contractors to postpone work again.
Finally everything was scheduled. Much of the work had already been done, including work on the radiant heating system, a new hot water heater, and new spray nozzles. The list goes on because the place needed work.
The automatic car wash would be the last item to be repaired, but Busciglio was hoping to have the hand-wash bays open before Christmas, and the entire facility up and running again before New Year’s Day.
In a statement, Busciglio apologized for the delay in reopening as well as for the poor service recent customers had been receiving.