Margaretville bulkhead issues


To The Editor:
I would like to suggest that the Village of Margaretville make public its intentions regarding their newly acquired land at the Binnekill bulkhead. The bulkhead is in bad shape. Existing gaps in the bulkhead have grown wider and deeper as a result of the flood in August.

In addition to this, the relative height has changed. Either the bulkhead has sunk or the river has risen as a result of gravel and debris that have accumulated downstream. As a result of this, floodwaters have more ready access to the Binnekill and the risk from future floods is greater now to people living or owning property along the Binnekill.

This brings up a number of questions. Who is going to do the work and how is it going to be paid for? When is it going to be done? It should obviously be done before the next flood, but the next flood could happen next week. Does the village have plans already on file for this or does it all have to be done from scratch?

If the village does not plan on fixing the bulkhead, then it has the responsibility to give notice of this along with an accurate and fair assessment of the associated risks, so that people who need to can make their own plans.

I would hope that this is not the case as it can only lead to further loss to the community.

Thomas Clark,