March 19, 2008: Choices


To The Editor:

I see a marked contrast between the resignations of Senator Larry Craig of Idaho and Governor Spitzer and Richard Nixon for their wrongdoing, and the actions of Bill Clinton and Senator Ted Kennedy.
Instead of Bill Clinton resigning when it was made clear about his unfaithfulness to his wife Hillary, he put this country through a long ordeal. And now we have Ted Kennedy serving as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This has a parallel to foxes guarding the chicken coop. For those who can’t remember, Ted Kennedy is responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne who was not Mr. Kennedy’s wife.
Why Hillary didn’t tell Bill to get lost and still hasn’t, with the knowledge of all his philandering, does not make sense to me. Doesn’t this raise some red flags or questions about her abilities to make important decisions concerning the welfare of the people of this country? This is especially important with respect to those she would put in charge of the many details affecting your life and mine.

David R. Scudder,