March 18, 2009: We need Murphy in Congress


To The Editor:
It feels right — Kirsten Gillibrand asking us to support Scott Murphy as her replacement in Congress. Like Kirsten, when Murphy launched his campaign a few weeks ago, he was an unknown Democrat running against a career politician in a district gerrymandered for a Republican. No one gave him a chance either. Like Gillibrand, however, Murphy’s poll numbers are rapidly rising as people get to know him.
The son of a postal worker and grade school teacher, Murphy worked hard, created his own successful businesses and helped create other businesses and 1,000 jobs in upstate New York. A resident of Glens Falls, Scott is a fiscal conservative who will continue Gillibrand’s open, transparent and accessible government policies. In a few short weeks of traveling the district and meeting with constituents, he’s narrowed a 21 percent gap to just 4 percent.
Also familiar is the opposition’s desperate lies and distortion of his record. Fortunately, reliable regional news organizations are doing a great job of fact checking and publishing the corrections on their web sites. I urge you to do the research.
On March 31 we choose who will succeed Gillibrand in Congress. In these critical times, whom should we send to Washington? Do we send Tedisco — a career politician with years of experience in New York’s dysfunctional state government? No. I think we need someone like Gillibrand who listens to constituents, works hard, works smart, solves problems and succeeds. We need Scott Murphy.

Lisa Tait,
New Kingston

Editor’s note: Ms. Tait is secretary of the Delaware County Democratic Committee.