March 12, 2008: Approval process


To The Editor:

I wish I could do business the way the developer of the proposed Family Dollar Store in Margaretville does. He purchases a property, tears down the existing structure and does site preparation work for what is claimed to be a cost of $200,000. The only problem is that existing municipal codes do not permit the construction of a commercial building on the site. A change to the municipal code is required to protect his investment.
According to the article in the Catskill Mountain News issue of March 5 to March 11, 2008 Mr. Tillack the developer, “…did not think it would be a big issue.” Mr. Tillack goes on to say that he,“…has never seen a controversy over a Family Dollar Store.”
From what I have read there is not much if any controversy over whether or not there should be a Family Dollar Store. There are objections from existing businesses which could be considered normal.
The crux of the problem appears to be about how the approval process for a municipal code change is being conducted in the context of the proposed Village Comprehensive Plan.
Perhaps the developer knows more than the community at large.

Gordon F. Stevens,