March 11, 2009: Who's next on regulation block?


To The Editor:
The Shandaken Town Board has scheduled a public hearing on their proposed revisions to local zoning law regarding “Seasonal Produce Stands” for 6 p.m. on Monday, March 16. The law, as it is being currently circulated, seeks to limit the size, products, days and hours of operation for these businesses.
Having lived through similar overreaching, petty and pointless regulations once proposed for the town’s Comprehensive Plan, I cannot help but believe that this is an end run. What they couldn’t get put in the plan, they’re now trying to put into law; targeting one business at a time.
In these dire economic times, why is local government trying to destroy a very successful farm stand that offers fresh, local produce at reasonable prices? Who’s next? We don’t have that many surviving restaurants in the town, but what’s to stop them from regulating them out of existence?
It is critically important that residents of Shandaken turn out for this public hearing. The board needs to know how you feel.

Martie Gailes,
Big Indian