March 11, 2009: We need change in village leadership


To The Editor:
Everyone who calls Fleischmanns “home” should be concerned about next week’s election. It is an opportunity to exchange leadership content while preserving the status quo, for one who sees Fleischmanns as a member of a larger community of villages all needing the resources and support to improve conditions for their residents.
The state has made the necessary money and talent available but must be pursued aggressively and in concert with others desiring the same for their communities. The village’s past leadership has demonstrated little interest in pursuing these resources. When prodded by those of us working to affect the changes our community needs, they respond as though threatened. For this I apologize; our intention was only to ensure Fleischmanns took advantage of opportunities available.
There are many talents in the extended Fleischmanns community who are willing to work toward such community improvements as new sidewalks, street lights, building restoration, etc. But we must have a village leadership willing to accept our help. I am afraid that will not happen if the village elects Malcolm Becker. His response to the inevitability of change when he learned Dave Morell was the sole mayoral candidate emphatically demonstrates his fear of change.
If the residents of Fleischmanns are unhappy with the slow deterioration of our village they need to vote for Dave Morell. We who call Fleischmanns home but do not have privilege of voting in next week’s election encourage those who do, to give us a mayor who will welcome our help in restoring our village to what it once was.

Paula DeSimone,