March 11, 2009: My dream for the Village of Fleischmanns


To The Editor:
My name is Todd Pascarella and I am running in next Wednesday’s election for Fleischmanns Village Trustee. I believe we are in need of unified leadership, especially in uncertain times. We cannot successfully face today’s economic challenges unless all parts of the community are involved and working together.
Much is being said about the need for experience these days. Here’s mine; after graduating from college in 1999 with a degree in environmental science and technology, I moved to the Fleischmanns area in search of work. After several years of working for others to pay the bills, I finally realized the dream of starting my own energy conservation business. I have employed over a dozen local people, and have helped many homeowners take advantage of the benefits of state energy programs because of my certification and reputation.
A few years ago my friend Dave Morell and I decided to start a vintage baseball team for Fleischmanns. We envisioned a way to use our remarkable history as a bridge to a thriving future, and to get as many members of the community involved as we could. Shortly after founding the Mountain Athletic Club (MAC), we helped start Fleischmanns First so that volunteers and local organizations such as the MAC could get talking and working together towards reviving the Village. I also serve on the planning board, the park planning committee, and served briefly on the board of the Greater Margaretville Chamber of Commerce.
If elected I will build on my experience and continue working with the greatest resource we have, the people of Fleischmanns. I will continue to set personal differences aside, and find common ground from which all in the village can benefit. We are sure to face serious challenges in the years ahead. Although it is an accomplishment that we now have a sewer plant, we are already facing expensive unforeseen repairs that expose potential financial vulnerability. We have to drive a hard bargain with New York City now and in the future to make certain that they are accountable and that our taxpayers and ratepayers are not overwhelmed. I fought to stop the wells from being drilled in our park, and got the one in centerfield removed. The park is our most precious asset.
It is going to take leadership, energy, and determination beyond which we are experiencing. I humbly believe that in the long term, our work will provide a prosperous environment for our children to grow up in, and stay to make a living in. This is my commitment. This is our dream. Please vote for me next Wednesday. Together we can make it happen.

P.S. —There were two mistakes in your March 4 article regarding the Fleischmanns election. First, the article mentions Malcolm Becker’s “team” of Harriet Grossman and Martin Moralis, “both of whom are seeking re-election as trustees and are running unopposed.” I am the third name on the ballot making it a three-way race for two trustee positions. I believe this mistake could be damaging to my effort to get elected and the record must be set straight.
The second mistake is a mention of Malcolm being on the Fleischmanns Park Committee. Malcolm is not on the committee. His wife is.

Todd Pascarella,