Many issues concerning 'bed tax'


To The Editor:
The Delaware County Supervisors’ debate and proposal for a county “bed tax” sounds like a way of raising funds to boast tourism for our county. However, in these economic times, do we really want to have another tax in our county?  We are trying to get people to come and stay in our county who would shop, go to restaurants, golf, ski, hunt and fish. Why should they stay in Delaware County and pay an extra tax to stay here?  They can stay in Ulster or Green county and not pay an extra tax.
We need to focus on building our county up first.  We need to offer our tourists a “real reason” to come to and stay in Delaware County. We need more shops and attractions. We need to address the tourist life style.  We need night activities, late night dining, shopping, and entertainment.  Daytime activities are important; however, our town’s streets close down before sunset. We in Margaretville tried to get a movie theater going and that was a bust.  Let’s just think this matter carefully before the revenue side of the issue clouds our judgment. “Penny Wise Pound Foolish.”
Involving the vandalism of the “Vote for Nelson Delameter” roadside sign, vandalism. One sign attacked twice to me is not vandalism.  It seems to be directed at the candidate. As Alan Gavette stated, “This is America, we still have our freedom to run for office.” We the people have the right to vote for who we wish; Democrat, Republican, Independent. God Bless the USA. We still have our Freedom and our Rights.
Moving on to our prison system, unfortunately our prisons today are no way like a prison should be.  They should be uncomfortable; you are serving time for a crime, pure and simple.  Yes, we have a large prison population. Yes, many are in a revolving door process of in and out of prison, repeat offenders, shall we say. That is another topic, that needs to be addressed. We need to make our prisons fit the crime and something you never want to see again.  We should only provide necessities; food, clothing, medical treatment, and humane treatment. They should be required to work at some appropriate task five days a week, eight hours a day.... to offset their “room and board.” We have infrastructure work that needs to be done. They can give back to the community in some shape or form.  They are all not violent criminals. It’s time for a change. It should not cost more to keep a prisoner than educate a child.
Richard Rossi,