Manage resources better


To The Editor:
I came home from skiing on Monday to find that the Middletown Highway Department is out mowing the roadsides. Last year I saw the same activity taking place after a snowfall.

At that time I called the highway superintendant to question why it was necessary to mow during the winter, especially as this was done during the fall and no new growth had taken place since the last cut. I was told they always do this.

I’ve owned a home here for over 25 years and had never seen such a waste of my tax dollars. I was so angry I called the town supervisor to complain and was told he had no authority to oversee the highway department. It seems to me that if there is not enough real work to keep the employees busy then you have two choices: 1) keep the employees in the garage cleaning and repairing equipment or 2) layoff employees until there is enough meaningful work to do. Making busy work only wastes our tax dollars and is dangerous at this time of year.

With the economy in bad shape and money in short supply, our town supervisors need to manage their resources in a more efficient manner.
Mark Lukin,