Locals square off in vintage ball Saturday

The Roxbury Nine will swing into action at Kirkside Park in Roxbury on Saturday, May 17 at noon, playing just as they would have in the good old days, with the boys from the next village, the Mountain Athletic Club (MAC) of Fleischmanns. 

The Nine will play at or near their home field in Delaware County at least nine times this summer before the season’s big vintage base ball blowout, the Harry M. Keator Cup Tournament, with two full days of base ball on Labor Day weekend.

“The Nine relish taking on any vintage team and we invite the toughest from all over the Northeast for the Keator Cup each Labor Day weekend,” said Ellsworth. “But the true spirit of vintage base ball is as a homegrown event, one that brought cousins and nephews to enjoy the day together from the town one train stop away.

“We definitely see the revitalization of the MAC as more than playing games,” said another MAC founder, Todd Pascarella, “It’s also our commitment to the revitalization of our village and the best things we as a community have to offer if we work together. You can feel that spirit out on the field, especially when we play our neighbors and friends like the Roxbury Nine.”

In addition to Kirkside Park games on May 17, June 21, July 5, and August 2, the Roxbury Nine will travel to Fleischmanns historic Wagner Ave. ball field on Memorial Day weekend, and August 9. The teams will also meet at the NY Power Authority’s Lansing Manor in North Blenheim on June 14, and Oneonta’s Damaske Field on July 4. The Nine will travel to Westfield, Mass. in July to compete in the Vintage Base Ball Federation World Series.

There’s no better way to enjoy the advent of summer than with our national pastime, played 1898-style, with no seven-figure salaries, not much equipment and a whole lot of bravado. There’s no admission charge to the games and plenty of ball park fare available to keep you cheering. Or as poet Walt Whitman would say, “Let us go forth awhile, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms... The game of ball is glorious.”

Visit www.roxburyny.com for full season schedule or call 607 326-3722 for more info. Visit on-line at www.mountainathleticclub.com.