Life on Regal-Hill: May 12, 2010

As I started down the road from Regal-Hill on my daily walk this morning I saw a gold finch flying from one tree to another. Soon I saw a red-winged black bird and then I heard a woodpecker hammering on a tree. Walking toward home, near the same bunch of trees, I saw a robin on the road ahead of me. As I got closer it flew into a tree. This time of year it is always nice to see and hear the birds sing as they begin a new morning.
The peepers were also singing as I returned. Last night they were peeping as we waited for a thunderstorm that didn’t occur although it had been predicted by the weather people. Actually, we only got a few drops of rain until later in the day, even though the sky got really dark. When the rain finally came, we got a good shower. Later when I checked the flowers they looked much better. When the day was almost over the sun came out and the sky was mostly clear. How quickly the sky changes.
The trees are full of blossoms now. Even the apple, cherry and pear trees are in blossom as are the strawberries. It is very early in the season for them to be in bloom.
Not here, but nearby, lilacs are beginning to bloom. I just hope we don’t get a hard frost. Country lore says the peepers should be frozen three times before the weather becomes frost free for the rest of the spring and summer. Very possibly we could get more than one frost since it is still early in May. A hard frost could harm some flowers as well as the fruit crop. I hope this doesn’t happen.
Dandelions are plentiful at this time of the year. They are very nutritious and loaded with the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that your body needs. Just be sure the dandelions are from a lawn or field that hasn’t been treated with pesticides or anti-growth hormones. Many lawn fertilizers also contain weed-control hormones.

Dandelion Pineapple Juice
Ingredients: One washed large handful fresh dandelion greens, 10-12 ounces pineapple juice, 5-6 ice cubes.
Place the dandelion greens and pineapple juice in a blender and puree.
Add ice to the blender and pulse or serve in a tall glass over ice.
Serves 1

Dandelion Salad
Ingredients: 200 grams tender, fresh dandelion greens, 65 grams thinly sliced red onions, 2 tomatoes cut in fourths, 110 grams grated sharp Cheddar cheese, 2-1/2 ml black pepper, 60 ml salad oil, 50 ml vinegar and 5 ml dill.
Wash the dandelion greens carefully. Drain well and cut into pieces.
Add the onions, tomato and cheese. Toss to mix.
Make a salad dressing by mixing the pepper, salad oil, vinegar and dill. Dress the salad, toss and serve.
Serves 4