Letter writer needs 'Time Out'


To The Editor:
Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt should be ashamed of themselves. In civil discourse, there is no need to resort to name-calling. Make no mistake; using the word ‘boys’ in their letter was nothing more than an insidious and pernicious use of boys as a pejorative. Rather than engage in a thoughtful and fact-based discussion of the divide on the town board, these two educated people chose to instead smear those they do not support in a clear attempt to silence their dissension.

There is a name for people who use intimidation to control others — a bully. Their boorish and imperious behavior does not reflect well on them or on those with whom they are aligned.

I am further dismayed that these words come from educators who must be fully aware of the harm caused by bullying and who should be extraordinarily careful not to model this behavior for others.  Mr. Bernhardt continues at Margaretville Central School as a coach, but perhaps the school should reconsider his affiliation with their institution. In an environment that should have no tolerance for bullying, is his public name-calling and accusations of misogyny what the school would like students to emulate?  Rather should we not teach young adults that they can challenge those with whom they have philosophical differences, especially elected officials, and persuade others to their opinion while remaining courteous?

As for the Catskill Mountain News …. Perhaps Mr. Bernhardt needs a ‘time out’.

Carol Campbell,