Letter writer missed the mark


To The Editor:
Colin McDonald, in his letter to the editor in this week’s Mailbag, again misses the mark on birth control.  It is absolutely within the rights of the government to mandate that this important health care benefit be supplied to all employees and for all health insurance plans.  

Free adults in the USA have the absolute right to live their lives in a way that is not only counter to the religious beliefs of employers, but is also quite frankly none of their employers’ business.  I personally couldn’t care less about what religious beliefs are held by my employers nor should I have to.

If we as a society are going to mandate health care for everyone, which is certainly within reason, we also have the right to mandate that nobody gets to pick and choose which health care they will cover.  Some religions do not believe in most medical procedures at all.  Should employers who espouse those religions be “free” to withhold medical care for blood transfusions or major surgery?  I don’t like smoking.  Should I be allowed to refuse coverage for lung cancer and emphysema for anyone I hire?  This “issue” is a pathetic joke.

Mr. McDonald is imputing a “right” to force others to comply with one’s religious beliefs, where no such right exists.  Nobody is forcing anyone to use birth control or to believe in its morality.  Nobody is persecuting anyone for holding any belief whatsoever.  But employers are not “masters,” and they have no right to withhold any health care from their employees, despite the fact that the lunatics of the radical right are trying to get such an egregious law passed in Congress.    

This issue is a real disgrace to our society, but I hope and pray that it will be one of the issues that helps bury the great American disgrace of the radical right, and helps bring about the only sane solution to the healthcare situation; single payer coverage for all, with no exceptions or exclusions.

John Cerullo,