Let your dreams come true


To The Editor:
The most uplifting story in the Catskill Mountain News this year has been the recent one about the valedictorians and salutatorians from Roxbury and Margaretville schools. As I read about their remarkable accomplishments, aspirations, and dreams, I was overwhelmed with tears of joy.
We cannot escape the fact that aging comes rapidly upon us, transcending youth. As this process occurs, many of us are distanced from actual interactions with young people and all of their pure and idealistic beliefs.

We are left with an outlook of the future that is primarily framed through newspapers, TV and Internet news, and the constant propaganda of politicians.

We receive a picture that is so skewed to the negative, we forget what is left out, which is the vital lifeline to the forthcoming generation that connects us to the positive and wonderful mysteries of life.
Congratulations to all of the members of the graduating classes and let all of your dreams come true.

Warren Slavin,