Kirkside Island service Sunday

Kirkside Island will be the site of a 10 a.m. outdoor worship service on Sunday, Aug. 31. The Roxbury United Methodist Church and the Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church are sponsoring the service as a kickoff for Roxbury’s Turn of the Century events. Music will be supplied by the Roxbury Brass and the choir will share a special anthem.
Pastors Dykstra and Hawes will co-lead the service and the preacher will be Barbara Jacobs. Barbara is well-known to the Roxbury community having worked in the Roxbury Central School. She was recently certified as a lay pastor, and serves in the Presbyterian Church in Virginia.
Preceding the worship service, there will be a free pancake breakfast in the Carriage House from 8:30-9:45! All are invited.
Please dress casual, or in period clothing! Bring a comfortable chair if you like.
For more information, please contact Rev. Rich Dykstra at 607 326-7101.