Keep Belleayre Mountain open


To The Editor:
I wish New York lawmakers and the governor would seriously re-evaluate the decision to close Belleayre Mountain two weeks early. I can fully understand delaying the opening of Belleayre due to snowmaking costs in the early couple weeks of the season, but closing the mountain two weeks early, I believe, is a disservice to the people of this state.

My reasons are as follows:
To the best of my knowledge, Belleayre takes in more money for the state than it spends.  I believe this is especially true in the last two weeks of the season when no snowmaking is in progress.  The staffing costs are at a minimum.

State and county sales taxes will be reduced.  It is not just the lost sales taxes at Belleayre.  Sales taxes are lost on lodging, gas stations, restaurants, and other businesses where people spend money when they come to ski.  Were these tax revenue losses calculated when the decision was made to shorten the Belleayre ski season?  I doubt it.

As a lodging owner five minutes from Belleayre, I rely upon every visitor to this area in the winter to be able to pay my bills and mortgage for that time period.  With the one month shortening of the Belleayre season, the state has taken away my ability to pay one month’s mortgage.  With the decision to open Belleayre for four weeks less, this state has taken thousands of necessary dollars out of our pockets that enable us to stay in business.  I also think that this decision has negatively affected the budget of this state and the county since the county relies on these lost sales tax revenues as a result of this decision.

This area has been struggling for the past few years.  The decision to shorten Belleayre’s season only adds to that struggle. 

With the quantity of closing businesses of the past few years, adding to our struggle is not good for us or the state in general.

Skip Malley,
Weyside Inn and Cottages
Big Indian