June 25, 2008: Fear tactics don't help Belleayre


To The Editor:
First, they claimed their proposed development would bring “more jobs/lower taxes.” Now that it’s generally known that Emerson’s employment record isn’t exactly unblemished and the fact that mega-development always results in higher taxes due to increased services and inflated land prices, Crossroads/Partners is using fear as their latest weapon to move their flawed plan forward.
The new message is cryptic but seems to imply, “if you want Belleayre to survive-support the development.”
They want to equate their land speculation with the ski center and then pretend that it’s do or die, neither of which has an ounce of truth.
Belleayre Mt. Ski Center has enjoyed record crowds in each of the last few years due to improvements and affordable ticket prices.
More natural snow would be nice, but that is only likely to get worse with or without a mega resort.
If the state delivers on its $50+ million investment to cater to the private development, the pressure to raise ticket prices and/or privatize would be irresistible.
Greene County already has a persuasive argument against running the ski center at a loss before this huge new investment.
To sum up, Crossroads/Belleayre resort is not synonymous with the Belleayre Mt. Ski Center and the ski center was doing just fine without Dean Gitter’s “help.”

Matt Frisch,