June 24, 2009: Parking lot issues are a concern


To The Editor:
In these times of financial difficulty, what I am about to suggest may come as an added burden to the citizens of our area, but I feel it is a necessary evil when compared to the insensitivity and selfishness exhibited by year-round residents, second homeowners and visitors alike.
For many years now, I have witnessed vehicles: parked without occupants in the “fire zone” (the first twelve feet +/-) directly in front of the CVS Pharmacy/Freshtown (former A&P) Supermarket; vehicles occupying “handicapped” parking spots with no disabled license plate or placard evident on their vehicles; and vehicles parked between the assigned handicapped parking spots and fire zone, in the lanes of where free flowing traffic is supposed to be! In some cases, moving traffic is left with no more than a few feet to navigate the parking lot in front of the structures.
These instances of laziness, selfishness and unlawful parking hinder both those citizens that are in need of shorter walking distances (the elderly, handicapped, etc.) and impedes the safe flow of traffic within the parking lot.
While I am aware the pavement markings in the parking lot are faded, they are not non-existent and it is obvious that common sense dictates where one should park. Unfortunately, it is apparent the operators of the vehicles that are parking where they should not, either do not have the wherewithal to exercise common sense, or they do (have common sense) and are just simply inconsiderate, selfish and feel they can park wherever they like.
Therefore, as the Village of Margaretville has within its employ a law enforcement officer; I strongly suggest the town board make the appropriate motions and ratify an ordinance (if one does not already exist for this situation) and assign the village law enforcement officer to include in his patrol and make unscheduled and frequent visits through the CVS/Freshtown parking lot.
Those vehicles in violation of parking ordinances should be issued summonses, for a inconvenient but not overly high sum of money ($75?). These monies could then be used to assist in Village of Margaretville expenditures.
It goes without saying that after the first few summonses are issued, and regular patrols through the parking lot are witnessed, this problem should diminish significantly.
Also, I invite the owner(s) of the CVS/Freshtown structure to repaint the pavement markings in the parking lot to better assist motorists and the law enforcement officer of the village to better determine where one should park and where one should not (and eliminate any potential for “I couldn’t see the line officer”).

The Goldstein & Tanksley families,