June 18, 2008: Wrong impression from news story


To The Editor:
As noted in a News story last week, Whitman Electric, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against a long list of organizations here in Shandaken. This matter has been a long-standing contractual dispute in which Whitman says it performed according to contract and we say they did not. We thought this matter had been settled out of court. When given an opportunity by Mr. Braman to comment we declined, on the advice of our attorney, because we thought it was settled. That would have been to the advantage of everyone named in this case.
Apparently, Whitman Electric decided to refuse the settlement and then accused me, at least according to Mr. Braman, of providing “you a load of hooey.” We will not speculate on why they have taken this course of action, or why they chose to involve so many other parties who clearly have nothing to do with the dispute. Further, we must take exception to Mr. Braman’s statement that he asked for further clarification on this matter. He did not. He asked for a response, which we sent. Mr. Braman indicated he didn’t get it and asked that it be sent again, but he never asked “for further clarification,” nor did he indicate that he had been told the case was not settled.
Sadly, the article created the impression that the Emerson wouldn’t or couldn’t pay its debts and that now others will be obligated to do so. This is simply not true. The Emerson has done everything in its power to be a good corporate citizen and has and will continue to meet all of its legal and contractual obligations. We are now filing a counter-suit against Whitman Electric, Inc., and will leave the matter to the attorneys and if necessary, judges.

Joan Lawrence-Bauer,
Director of Public Relations
Emerson Resort & Spa