June 17, 2009: Support continues for Belleayre


To The Editor:
Let’s be real clear. Stimulus funding to expand facilities at Belleayre Mountain Center (BMSC) has been delayed due to failure of NYS DEC to complete a Unit Management Plan (UMP) in 2002 as required by DEC guidelines. The UMP was delayed so that it could incorporate changes requested by the developer of The Belleayre Resort in Catskill Park. This delay made a “shovel ready” project impossible in 2009 since neither the BMSC UMP or the Environmental Impact Statement from Crossroad Ventures are ready.
If the BMSC UMP had been done in 2002, then expansion of facilities at BMSC would be a “shovel ready” project now and able to get stimulus money in an area that needs it badly. Assertions in a recent letter that the Catskill Heritage Alliance (CHA) has been attacking BMSC are absurd and misleading. The Catskill Heritage Alliance has been a longtime strong supporter of Belleayre Mountain Ski Center as a valuable regional resource and will continue that support.

Kevin Millar,