June 17, 2009: Public is owner of Belleayre Mountain


To The Editor:
We are enthusiastically pleased having read the letter to the News from Ann and Mark Lukin. Their letter regarding the importance of maintaining a correct perception of the differences between our ski center operations and our private development issues is indeed welcome. We find nothing in their letter with which we disagree.
We like to remember that as citizens “we own the joint.” As citizen owners one might say it’s our fiduciary responsibility to fight for Belleayre, to aggressively promote it and to support it. It is our view that the idea of ignoring any opportunity to keep the ski center financially healthy does not pass the test of sensibility. Our family is aware of the rationale and arguments opposing the “stimulus proposal” share.
Belleayre and its mission is a gift to this community. Belleayre employees, volunteers and management are committed and dedicated to the fulfillment of the Belleayre mission.
An interesting aspect of Belleayre and its broad beneficial shadow has always been its “community engagement” programs and the more recently created “people to people” programs mentioned by the Lukins, all of which are targeted at us. Never having been weekenders we’ve resided in this community for 21 years. Our family is proud of Belleayre. We support it and we use it.
It should be noted by every reader that Ann and Mark quietly contribute much to our community. As entrepreneurs, volunteers and leaders in our local public and private sectors they have impressive accomplishments that have enhanced and enriched our neighborhoods. They are neither strident nor extreme when communicating their intentions about specific projects upon which they embark. They understand the difference between dialogue and monologue. This letter is our opinion. No responses please.

Justin and Barbara Mellon Kolb,