June 11, 2008: No charges yet in county theft case


To The Editor:
Irony, sweet irony! The Delaware County Board of Supervisors gave approval for an auditing firm to oversee the financial activities of the Child Support Collection Unit and this firm failed to notice a discrepancy to the tune of more than $52,000. The majority of the board of supervisors clutch at their hearts and rush to a “smoke-filled” back room if the treasurer’s office misplaces a paper clip. Bev Shields and her treasurer’s office have never once been touched by a scandal or failed to pass state audits with flying colors, but the treasurer is treated with the same amount of respect by Msrs. Eisel, Donnelly and others as an axe murderer or a member of the Jersey mob!
Social Services Commissioner William Moon, himself once head of the “Burn Bev at the Stake” committee, has pretty much explained away the pilferage situation in so many words, with all the money lying around here, it’s bound to get stolen. The commissioner’s rubber signature stamp was passed around more widely than a pint of wine in a hobo jungle.
In most cases locally, be it county government or the private sector, an embezzling employee is immediately arrested, tried, sentenced and forced to make restitution. The protagonist in the support unit scam who was “liked and trusted” is still obviously held in regard by the county, because she’s out there without any charges as far as one can tell.

Joel Canfield,