June 11, 2008: Don't blame MCS for violence incident


To The Editor:
I have been saddened by the negative letters pertaining to Margaretville Central School that have appeared in the Catskill Mountain News in the last couple of weeks. The event that took place at school was serious and unfortunate; however, it is very unfair to put blame on the teachers and staff for being negligent and uncaring.
I have been a volunteer in the second grade for 13 years, and one of the things that keeps me coming back is the nurturing atmosphere in the school. Mrs. Smith, among many other teachers, spends much time in and out of the classroom not only teaching academics, but stressing cooperation, courtesy, and thoughtfulness of one another. She is empathetic and has always tried to give as much individual attention and caring to each student as is humanly possible.
It would be an enlightening experience for everyone in the community to go into the classrooms and observe what an excellent job the staff of MCS does. People should not write condemning letters if they have not been involved and do not know all the facts first-hand.
Please try to keep things in perspective and reach out to one another as an example to our young people of how to work together and come up with positive resolutions.

Myrna Greenhall,