July 9, 2008: Think again about Fleischmanns


To The Editor:
This is a letter to Partners for Progress regarding your recent “Nonprofit” mailing to Delaware and Ulster counties displaying four photographs in Fleischmanns.
How dare you depict our village as a village of blight. Your mailing was offensive, disrespectful and showed an appalling disregard for the residents and business owners of this village. But most of all, your depiction is untrue.
Residents, business owners, members of Fleischmanns First, and elected officials have worked very hard to improve the quality of life, improve the appearance of, and restore pride in our village. And we have succeeded.
Fleischmanns has upgraded and protected its water supply system, it has new roads, a new wastewater treatment plant, beautiful Victorian homes along Main Street and Wagner Avenue, two buildings listed on The National Register of Historic Places, Skene Memorial Library and Congregation Bnai Israel, a beautiful park, famous baseball field, revised Mountain Athletic Club, Wadler Bros. tennis courts, a community swimming pool, the Museum of Memories, the both newly painted and beautiful Community Church and Highlands Inn, the rebuilt La Cabana Restaurant, new Laundromat, new Portabellas, Mi Lupita, Pizzeria, new management of Griffin Corners Café; existing and prospering businesses, e.g., Wilber National Bank, Purple Mountain Press, the Valkyrian Motel, Northland Motel & Restaurant, Delaware Court Motel, River Run B & B, Fleischmanns Supermarket, Sams Country Store, Art & Etc. and Mi Lupita with new businesses to follow and numerous others not mentioned herein.
Your mailing is unacceptable and unconscionable. Contrary to what Partners for Progress professes, your recent method is counter-productive to progress—certainly so for the Village of Fleischmanns. Is this the spirit of compromise and cooperation you endorse and are promoting? Our village has purposely not taken an official position regarding the proposed Belleayre Resort. Do not disrespect us again. Do not use the Village of Fleischmanns as a pawn in your campaign to win people over to your point of view.
Do you really think you made converts with your flyer? Think again. It may in fact prove counter productive to your cause as well.

Mayor Kathy Wilber
and Fleischmanns Trustees
Malcom Becker, Harriet Grossman, Fred Woller and Martin Moralis