July 9, 2008: Special teachers had powerful effect


To The Editor:
Bill Birns “hit the nail on the head” when he praised Marian Connell in his column last week. She was an excellent teacher and a fine person. I graduated from MCS in 1949, having taken a “commercial” course. I never expected to go to college so I didn’t take languages, science or math.
However, somehow Prof. Shaver had me take physics in my sophomore year. Needless to say, I didn’t pass the State Regents, but I learned enough math and physical science to qualify for Interior Communications Electrician School in the U.S. Navy, and because of my service schools I was granted credits in engineering at Syracuse University. I have also had a lifelong interest in things of nature, such as weather and geology, from the earth science course I took from Miss Connell.
I credit Miss Connell and Mr. Neary (English teacher) for giving me the interest and learning that enabled me to complete a degree from Syracuse and Boston University. There are teachers, and there are special teachers, and they were the special ones.

Robert A. Rowe,