July 9, 2008: Resort plans justifiably under siege


To The Editor:
My recent letter regarding the Crossroads/Partners strategy of equating the fate of their proposed mega-development with that of the Belleayre Mountain Ski Center certainly ruffled some feathers. I must be doing something right! Nearly everyone in these parts supports the ski center, keeping it in public hands and affordable.
In contrast, the proposed private resort is opposed by a large segment of the community, especially in its current configuration including 10s of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies and 240 units of high density lodging at the top of Highmount Ridge.
It is impossible to justify taxpayers footing the bill so that elite guests of a $500/night spa can ski to their lodge doors while families across the state are being squeezed due to soaring food and energy prices.
It is disingenuous of the proposed resort’s backers to contend that the ski center is in jeopardy when in reality it is the untenable giveaways of the Spitzer-brokered AIP that are justifiably under siege.

Matthew Frisch,