July 23, 2008: Simply apologize for misinformation


To The Editor:
The letter signed only Partners for Progress, entitled “No Disrespect Implied with Mailing” continues to elaborate on the “deterioration” of our area. The nameless writer does not seem to possess the grace to simply apologize.
That is because Partners for Progress always sees the cup as half empty. Their negative thinking, greed, insulting flyers and alienating the creative people in our community is counterproductive to their own goal of “economic survival.”
If they loved our community, they would want to empower our local economy—help property owners to fix buildings in disrepair, engage the talents and resources of residents and support local businesses. Their members would also attend their town meetings to assure that local governments follow-up with their concerns about area properties.
Waiting for an outside entity such as the proposed resort to come in and take over does not assure our “economic survival.” The Partners for Progress propaganda in support of the proposed resort does not relate to our current gas prices, failing banks, housing market and unemployment levels on a national level which are affecting the economy, including the Catskills and our businesses that depend on tourism. Now, more than ever, it is risky to start any private project of that magnitude which may be abandoned before completion, not to mention the eventual burden on taxpayers.

Gloria Zola-Mulloy,