July 2, 2008: Give up fight against showing movies


To The Editor:
Today I was feverishly painting to have my art work ready for all the shows that are coming up this summer. I finally had a day where there would be no interruptions. But, I could not continue to paint because my mind was reeling and I found myself thinking about only one thing. I had just read the letter in the “Mailbag” by Andrew Weiss and it made me sick.
It is more of a horror show than you think. People of this community should take this seriously! Putting a “hold” on showing movies in the pavilion is gross negligence. I am not talking politics. I am talking about going to a movie to relax with your family and friends. A movie can release stress. So much that is written in the media today is about how to get rid of stress. People are seeing more therapists and taking medication because stress has become a “disease.”
I moved to Halcottsville over 30 years ago. My husband and three children did not know what “culture shock” was. My two older children went to Roxbury school and pretty much adapted right away. The one thing they missed about the city was going to a movie or any event that was close by. Eventually they missed everything that was too far away. As they got older; they realized that there wasn’t too much to do in the way of entertainment. When the time was right, they moved to places that would suit their lifestyle.
Our children were city kids but, they were still kids at the time they lived here. Children today who live in small communities still don’t have enough choices for entertainment. Are there more people like this “village trustee”? Who is this person holding Jonathan Starch and a whole community, hostage? What is his purpose for doing this? Why is the Middletown Board allowing this behavior? Why was he allowed to distort the truth at a recent meeting? Would the citizens of this town rather see their children using drugs to reduce stress? Don’t let this “trustee” convince you that he is right. Freedom is your right.
Listen! There is an unnecessary war going on. Men and women are coming home without arms and legs, that is, if death didn’t call them first. There are natural disasters where tens of thousands of people have died. In our own country we watch in sadness while people see their homes sink into water. These earth changes will affect our food supply. It is too costly to fill up a gas tank, so you postpone fun.
You cannot run, you cannot hide, our country is in crisis! But if the one person who is causing a major problem in our community would give it up – at least you can go to the movies!

Verna D’Alto,