July 16, 2008: Upset by flier regarding Fleischmanns


To The Editor:
I’d like to thank the Mayor of Fleischmanns for having the good taste to stand up for her town. I don’t live in Fleischmanns, but even I found their flyer insulting. To group a whole town in such a bad light with a few pictures is an insult to all of us. It just goes to show what these people will do to push their own agenda, including using the very towns they say they want to help. I guess their “more jobs less taxes” theme didn’t work so they’re trying something new. The new green sign they are putting up is a scare tactic. I’ve seen this used before.
My husband and I worked in one of the biggest school districts in New York State. Every time the budget was up for a vote it would start. Our union reps would come around with our boss and tell us how if we didn’t vote for the budget we’d lose jobs and our wages wouldn’t go up, etc. As soon as the budget passed, all our jobs were there, our wages went up and two weeks later they were hiring new people.
This sign is a basic PR stunt. They want people to think that Belleayre Ski Center will fail without the resort. I support the Belleayre Ski Center; I have family and friends who work there. I would gladly give my tax dollars to Belleayre Ski Center or to Fleischmanns. Don’t, however, ask me at a time when I can’t put gas in my car or know if I can heat my house this winter to pay for Belleayre Ski Center to expand so some private developer can have ski in, ski out for its wealthy clients. We need to get our attention off this resort and back on our taxpayer, family Belleayre Ski Center and our small towns. This resort is not the answer to our problems, it is only adding to them.
The two pictures of the store fronts in Fleischmanns, has anyone approached the owners to see if anything can be done to help them? We need day care here or elder care for children and adults who have elderly parents who need help when they are working. There are many things those stores could be used for. We do have the ability to help our small towns if we work together and I’m sure there are grants out there to help.
Last, but not least, I am one of those Save the Mountain people and I’m tired of Partners for Progress making us out to be the new Catskill terrorists. I am local and I love my community and my mountains and I’m proud of it. I want nothing more than for my community to grow and prosper, but not at the price it will cost down the road. I am not against the development if it is downsized, which it has not, and not built on the side of a mountain with all its environmental flaws. Maybe Partners for Progress should look compromise up in the dictionary. It means to give and take, to meet on middle ground. This has not happened. The only compromise was with a corrupt ex-governor, with who knows what being held over his head at the time and a developer and his cronies who are looking out for what will benefit them.
My husband and I had a couple stop by our house and ask about the sign in our yard. So we explained it to them. We showed them pictures of what the mountain looks like now and what it will look like after the resort; they were horrified. They are second homeowners in Andes and said they had been to Belleayre and rode the chair lift. They said the last thing they would want to do is go up on the lift and look at some huge resort. They are from New Jersey and come here to get away from things like the resort. I have also had the chance to talk to many store owners along the Route 28 corridor and I always ask how is business? They say its good considering the economy. My daughter and I had the chance to go to Phoenicia for breakfast last week on a weekday. We couldn’t even find a parking place; it was alive there. Maybe Partners should take pictures of that, but then I guess that wouldn’t help their cause, would it?
I wrote to Governor Paterson’s office and I attached the lovely pictures from Partners’ flyer. I thought maybe the governor could appreciate them too.

Bernadette Beyea,
Hardenburgh Association of Residents and