July 16, 2008: Professionalism was on display


To The Editor:
I have recently moved to the Village of Roxbury and am very happy I did. Not only have my neighbors welcomed me with kindness and cordiality, but as a widow I feel exceptionally safe and secure.
A month ago I started working at Jane’s Dancing Bear Auctions on Bridge Street. Last week a disgruntled and unreasonably difficult neighbor started an altercation which was without cause; an instance where there was no justification. This individual became so enraged and potentially dangerous that police had to be summoned. Trooper Eric McLaughlin responded immediately. Constable Steve Williamson arrived shortly after.
I feel compelled to write and say how very proud I am to live in a community with such efficient and intelligent officers to protect us. Eric McLaughlin handled the situation with professionalism, courtesy and intelligence. He went far beyond what he had to. He is to be commended for his exceptional handling of the situation. Steve Williamson took control and was outstanding!
These two law enforcement officers deserve the highest commendation along with the thanks of a very grateful community.

Emilie A. Davenport,